What we do

Our mission is to bring you the highest quality Diesel Land Cruiser Imports from all over the world!  The way we see it, the Toyota Land Cruiser is one of the best built and most capable vehicles ever made. The US only sold the Classic FJ40 Land Cruiser, which was a gasoline model.  Some of the vintage US versions are still driving in the US (and auctioning at very high rates), but not the unique, and rare Diesel motor.   Since Diesel Cruisers like the classic BJ40′s and the 70′s series Land Cruisers never sold in the US, this makes them all the more rare and likely to only increase in value. For us, these Vintage Cruisers are not only beautiful vehicles,  also unstoppable on the trail, or even great as a daily driver!

We look forward to helping you find your dream cruiser or weekend build up project.  We pride ourselves on offering the best customer service.  Due to the nature of the industry, our supply is always very limited.  The best way to start is to contact us and place your order or let us know some more specifics on exactly what you are looking for.

Importing the iconic Toyota Land Cruiser to the USA — All vehicles sold have US title