Costa Rica BJ40

BJ40 in Costa Rica

“Se llama Chancho” (He’s called Pig or Boar).  Mostly because he loves to play in the mud, and he is a beast!

Chancho was our daily driver in Costa Rica.  I first started vising Costa Rica as a kid in the late 90’s and lived there permanently for over 5 years.

Every time I would visit this paradise all I would see is classic old Toyota Land Cruisers everywhere.  I still remember going on a surf trip in 2004 and the only way to get up to the zip line in the jungle was with one of these old trucks.  We drove for over 2 hours in the mud and rain up to the mountains, and the old Toyota didn’t even miss a step.

I was lucky enough to call Costa Rica home for 5 years and our BJ40 took us all over that small country.  The rainforest, mountains, beaches, and rivers.  All the locals know that this is the one true car that will take you anywhere down there.  A lot of times they call them a Toyota Jeep, but then again, the Spanish/English translation is never perfect.

Costa Rica Toyota Land Cruiser

Since then I’ve been hooked, and I fell in love with these classic cruisers.  It’s easy to tell they we’re built to last  forever and that they were truly unbeatable on the trails.  It’s no wonder that this is how these vintage cars are treated at auction, not to mention how much fun can always have with them!

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DSC08050 top of the hill on the first day DSC05012 Costa Rica BJ40 P1010647 BJ40 in Costa RicaCosta Rica Toyota Land Cruiser

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